Fremont Carpet Cleaning Services

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In McNevin Cleaning’s early days, we only provided Fremont carpet cleaning for commercial customers. What we found, though – and what we considered a wonderful compliment – was that our commercial customers kept asking us why we couldn’t go clean their carpets at home for them as well. And so we added a residential section that provides the same level of service.

Not all Fremont carpet cleaning services provide the same level of service. Always ask for references to find the companies that are the best that making – and keeping – their clients’ carpets looking as close to new as possible. Some of our new customers have never had a professional cleaning – or it’s been a long time – and they are surprised by the difference a cleaning makes. Once we’re done, you can book us for return trips every few months or once a year to keep your carpet as pristine as possible.

When we begin a carpet cleaning assignment, we focus on getting spills and spots out of the carpet and help you find ways to keep those from happening again – as much as you can. Our equipment and chemicals all have the Seal of Approval from the Carpet and Rug Institute, which means they provide superior performance with removing soil, gathering up dust and making the carpet look refreshed.

  • Our company’s cleaning services include:
    Carpet cleaning
    Low moisture, encapsulation, and/or restorative hot water extraction
    Customized maintenance programs
    Spot dye and seam repair
    Emergency spill cleaning
    Odor removal
    Protectant, anti-static, antimicrobial, and deodorizer treatments
    LEED®-EBOM (Leadership in Energy & Environment Design-Existing Buildings Operations and Maintenance) credits
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