What ‘cleaning green’ means to McNevin

If you’d like us to keep it simple – it’s really about people. You and me; your people, our people; your family, your employees; your clients, your guests (pets too). If you’re interested in a healthy work environment and a healthy home we can assist by using green cleaning solutions certified ecologically sustainable and safe for people with hyper sensitivities by emitting zero Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s). We can even clean with just water It really depends on a few variables we’ll identify prior to making the best recommendations.

If you’d like us to get technical – we can talk about LEED certification, and the role McNevin played in 2006 assisting Cushman & Wakefield at the Adobe Systems headquarters in San Jose in being certified as the first company in the country with three LEED platinum buildings. Whether you’re a commercial property manager, an office manager or the director of human resources we can speak to the importance of maximizing indoor air quality (IAQ), the use of green cleaning solutions with essentially zero volatile organic compounds (VOC’s), imperative to consider when roughly 15% of your employees and clients are deemed environmentally hypersensitive… and no – we haven’t forgotten about pets (in the work place and at home).

Interested in creating a healthy work environment which contributes to increased productivity and decreased health care costs, perhaps we should talk? If you’ve just completed a Tenant Improvement (TI) or remodel, and are now responsible for “new everything”, perhaps we should talk? If you’re a C-level manager interested in extending the useful life of all these new investments (flooring systems including carpet, upholstery including leather, partitions and anything else you can think of) perhaps we should talk?

We work with the top architects, interior designers, builders and commercial property management firms and their tenants throughout the Bay Area – so why wouldn’t you work with us?

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