Livermore Carpet Cleaning

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When McNevin Cleaning opened, our emphasis was just on commercial properties. However, we found that our clients wanted us to bring that same quality of service to their carpets at home. We viewed this as a tremendous compliment, and so we started a residential service that has just as much an emphasis on quality and service that we provide for our commercial clients.

One of the biggest advantages that we provide for our Livermore carpet cleaning clients is restoring their carpets back to life. Even if it’s been a long time since you had your carpets cleaned, you’ll be surprised at how quickly we can bring back your flooring to its new look. We also offer regular maintenance to keep your carpets looking their best over the long haul.

We find all of the possible sources for soiling in your carpet and clean up spills and spots thoroughly. Our cleansing agents and equipment have received the Carpet and Rug Institute’s Seal of Approval (SOA). This certification mandates that our equipment and materials meet rigorous standards for removing soil, containing dust, improvng the way the carpet looks and cleaning thoroughly.

Our Livermore carpet cleaning services include the following:

  • LEED®-EBOM (Leadership in Energy & Environment Design-Existing Buildings Operations and Maintenance) credits
  • Odor removal
  • Spot dye and seam repair
  • Protectant, anti-static, antimicrobial, and deodorizer treatments
  • Emergency spill cleaning
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Low moisture, encapsulation, and/or restorative hot water extraction
  • Customized maintenance programs
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