San Mateo Carpet Cleaning

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At McNevin Cleaning, we have long considered residential carpet cleaning as a totally different sort of service from commercial cleaning. While we guarantee the same level of quality in terms of performance, your home is a sanctuary where you and your family rest and relax and where you entertain. We understand that you are relying on us to take care of your personal spaces, and we work with the same level of diligence that we provide for our own dwellings.

One of the most well known benefits that we provide for our San Mateo carpet cleaning clients is transforming the appearance of their carpets. Is this your first time to have a professional carpet cleaner into your home? You’ll love how swiftly we can bring your carpets back to their brightest and cleanest. We also offer monthly, bi-monthly, semi-annual and annual maintenance schedules to keep your carpets looking fresh and clean as the years go by.

We help all of our residential customers develop a plan to keep future soiling in their carpet to a minimum and clean up spills and spots so that your carpet looks terrific once again Our cleansing agents and equipment have received the Carpet and Rug Institute’s Seal of Approval (SOA). This organization only grants this certification if our materials and equipment meet a set of standards for containing dust, removing soil, changing the way the carpet looks and cleaning effectively.

Our San Mateo carpet cleaning services include the following:

 Low moisture, encapsulation, and/or restorative hot water extraction
 LEED®-EBOM (Leadership in Energy & Environment Design-Existing Buildings Operations and Maintenance) credits
 Protectant, anti-static, antimicrobial, and deodorizer treatments
 Emergency spill cleaning
 Odor removal
 Spot dye and seam repair
 Customized maintenance programs
 Carpet cleaning

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